Wendy on the beach – acrylic on canvas 65x81cm by Júlio Quirino

Are you sleeping?

Christmas 2017

Acrilic on canvas – 120x140cm, by Júlio Quirino

Daenerys and Khal

Posing for the photo session

Daenerys and Khal

Great Curiosity

Theon Greyjoy

Theon from Game of Thrones Litter

Farm friends

Jane Austen and sheep

Galatea's Dream

Galatea dreaming with Velasquez – acrylic on canvas by Júlio Quirino

Christmas 2016

The Official Christmas Card


Posing for the Litter Album


I’m here to stay! Can I…?

Swimming time!

Fun in the water

It's not a crocodile! It's a PWD puppy

Swimming with grace….

Gromit in the wild

Trying to hide….

Fozzie and Ripley

Waiting in line for the photographic session


Already a lady…!

Fozzie and Kong

Guess which one is KONG…


Ripley with her look “I didn’t do it”…

Sininho (Tinkerbell)

I´m a teenager with a Punk look. Cool….


In the playground….

Hamura, Padmé and Ripley

Mother + daughter + granddaughter

Constellations litter

Group photo with 3 weeks

Coriander with 5 weeks

Coriander and Saffron

Handsome brothers

"Coriander" from Spices litter

The Famous pose “Are you talking to me?”

"Coriander" from Spices litter

Humm…Best bed I’ve ever had.

"Ginger" from Spices litter

I’m not sleeping, just meditating…!

"Nutmeg" from Spices litter

I´m in Heaven…


Even in the farm, I always manage to get all wet…