Special Features of the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog Special Features

One of the features that makes the Portuguese Water Dog special is that it is hypo-allergenic, which means they are recommended to people that have allergies to animals and respiratory problems and are usually incapable of owning a pet due to this problem. The Portuguese Water Dog’s hair does not cause allergic reactions.

The Portuguese Water Dog also has an inter-digital membrane, that allows him to swim quite faster then most of the other canine breeds. These membranes also aid in diving.

Among his most extraordinary features, lies the ability to stop the breathing (apnea), while expeling the air whenever needed, decompressing the nostrils that close when diving.

His sight is photo-sensitive, reason which this breed in the “original version” has long hair covering their eyes. The movements of this breed are similar to that of a horse, with a short and rythmic trot. While running they are very energetic and galloping.