Behaviour and Personality of the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog Behavior

The portuguese water dog is an energetic animal, filled with life and always ready for a dive in the ocean. Friendly and curious, they like attention and hate being on their own. So, they should not be left alone for long periods of time – at home or in the outside – for it can lead to destructive behaviours.

Due to that owner’s dependency, the portuguese water dog is not an animal to be left on the outside. He enjoys being close to it’s owner and should be allowed to sleep on the inside of the house. When inside the house, they act like true shadows, very dedicated to their owners and excellent companions.

Gentle, gets along well with children, whom he’s playful with. His sociability extends to other dogs and animals, like cats – as long as they are accustomed to each other since little.

Since they are an intelligent and brave breed, they like challenges and should be properly trained and socialized since a young age. As soon as you open an exception, he will always count on your softness to get his way.

In spite of their energy and willful spirit, the Portuguese Water Dog is a calm animal. They are weary towards strangers and won’t hesitate to bark at them, making this breed a good alarm dog. At a young age, they have a tendency to gnaw on things. If you do not want anything destroyed, you should prepare your house for them… or otherwise everything he can sink his teeth on is “fair game”!